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Victor® and the brands of Tweco®, Arcair®, Stoody®, TurboTorch® and Thermal Dynamics® are all part of the ESAB line of cutting and welding equipment and solutions. ESAB is a global manufacturer and a recognized industry leader – for more than 100 years delivering product and process innovations to serve the worldwide marketplace. Our reach extends to almost every nation in the world, with more than 8,700 employees and manufacturing facilities across four continents.

Through the combined strength of our leading brands, we offer a diverse range of products and among the broadest total solutions available. Each of our brands sets standards for productivity, reliability, durability, portability, flexibility and safety. Together, their integrated performance creates an unbeatable system to meet the needs of end-user applications.

Our branded solutions include arc welding and arc accessories; oxy-fuel cutting and gas regulation; manual plasma cutting; automated cutting; welding automation; automated and manual air carbon arc gouging; filler metals, and personal protection equipment. When you choose our products and solutions, expect them to offer unparalleled performance, superior productivity and built-to-last dependability.

In addition to our unwavering focus on meeting the requirements of our end users, we strive to deliver superior customer care. Our field sales representatives and technical support personnel are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and training for all of our products.

Contact ESAB at 1-800-ESAB123.