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Victor® Arcair® SLICE®

The Victor® Arcair® SLICE® Pack cutting system is the perfect cutting tool for forcible entry or victim extrication. It’s powerful enough to cut through virtually any material rapidly and safely. The SLICE® Pack cuts through materials such as steel and steel alloys, in addition the SLICE Pack blows through non-ferreous alloys, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, nickel and brass. When each second matters, trust the Arcair SLICE pack.

How the SLICE® Pack works

The SLICE torch feeds oxygen and electrical power for ignition to a patented cutting rod. Ignite the SLICE rod by touching it to the striker, and pulling the oxygen lever. Once lit, there’s no need for continual electric power because the SLICE cutting rod continues to burn as you maintain oxygen flow. Since it’s an exothermic reaction, you can spray a fog nozzle right on the cutting area while you cut.

Rapid Entry & Rescue

With the Arcair SLICE Pack you’ll burn through barriers at incredible speeds. It cuts three times faster than any oxyacetylene torch on three-inch mild steel. There’s no preheating so set up is a breeze. Burn through hinges and doors in no time. Melt deadbolt locks in seconds. The SLICE Pack will become a vital part of your rescue arsenal.

Safer Cutting

The SLICE Pack is safer than many other cutting methods because it doesn’t utilize electrical power or special fuel gasses while cutting. And since it cuts so fast, heat conductivity and build-up are kept to a minimum.

Easy to Use

The SLICE Pack is completely portable and self-contained, with one or two-man handles. The SLICE torch has a comfort-designed pistol grip, a tough but lightweight shield for protection, and a squeeze lever on the handle for easy oxygen control.

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Operating Parameters

The following operating parameters are basic guidelines for SLICE Pack applications. Please refer to the Arcair SLICE Equipment Instruction Manual for complete, proper, safe operating procedures and more detailed information on specific applications.

Oxygen Pressure

80 p.s.i. (5.63kg/cm2)


Minimum of 100 amps to ignite SLICE cutting rods when utilizing 12-volt battery for ignition
SLICE Pack, complete, with oxygen regulator and empty 55 cu/ft. oxygen cylinder, cat. no. 63-991-002
SLICE Pack, complete, without oxygen regulator and cylinder, cat. no. 63-991-004

SLICE System Components:

  • SLICE Torch with cables, cat. no. 03-003-001
  • SLICE Striker with cable, cat. no. 72-012-002
  • SLICE Battery Pack, with 120 Vac charging cables cat. no. 96-076-022
  • Collet Extension and Shield, cat. no. 94-287-013
  • SLICE Protective Gloves, 94-351-002

SLICE Cutting Rods:

Description Qty. Product ID
¼” X 22” (6.44mm X 559mm) flux coated 25 pcs. 42-049-002
¼” X 22” (6.44mm X 559mm) flux coated 100 pcs. 42-049-003
¼” X 22” (6.44mm X 559mm) uncoated 25 pcs. 43-049-002
¼” X 22” (6.44mm X 559mm) uncoated 100 pcs. 43-049-003
¼” X 44” (6.44mm X 1,117mm) uncoated 25 pcs. 43-049-005
3/8” X 18” (9.5mm X 457mm) flux coated 50 pcs. 42-049-005
3/8” X 18” (9.5mm X 457mm) uncoated 50 pcs. 43-049-007
3/8” X 36” (9.5mm X 914mm) uncoated 25 pcs. 43-049-009

WARNING: Protect yourself and others. SMOKE AND GASES can be dangerous to your health. NOISE can damage hearing. ELECTRIC SHOCK can kill. ARC RAYS/HEAT RAYS AND APATTER CAN BURN EYES AND SKIN AND CAUSE FIRES. OXYGEN supports and vigorously accelerates fire.

  • Keep your head out of smoke. Use adequate ventilation or SCBA
  • Wear ear, eye and body protection
  • Do not touch live electrical parts or connections.
  • Use only with oxygen
  • Read and understand the “Arcair SLICE Equipment Instruction Manual” supplied with your torch before operating.

CAUTION: For above water use only. Use only Arcair SLICE cutting rods with a SLICE torch.

NOTE: Do not use SLICE Pack or any burning cutting device in the immediate area of highly combustible fuels or gases such as gasoline, natural gas, etc.