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Cut Steel with Arcair SLICE

When it comes to saving lives, the Arcair® SLICE® Fire and Rescue Cutting System allows one to cut steel quickly, this allows for saving lives quicker.  The SLICE Pack is perfect for forcible entry or victim extrication because it will rapidly cut through virtually any metal.

The SLICE PACK’s Features Include:

  • Cuts three times faster than any oxyacetylene torch
  • No preheating
  • Can burn through hinge and doors
  • Can melt deadlocks

Arc cutting with the Arcair SLICE is easy and there’s a variety of models to choose from. For more information on its models, please download the attached brochure.


Safe and Easy Arc Cutting with the SLICE Pack

The SLICE Pack is safer than most other arc cutting methods because it doesn’t use electrical power or special gasses. Also, since the product cuts rapidly, heat conductivity and build-up are minimal.

The SLICE Pack is also easy to use because it’s portable and self-contained. The pack comes with either one or two-man handles, casino so let your needs determine which is best for you. Also, the torch has a comfort-designed pistol grip, a touch lightweight shield and a squeeze lever on the handle for easy oxygen control.

The SLICE Pack does more than cut steel, though. If you’d like more information on all of the metals it can cut through, then please contact your local Thermadyne sales representative.