Stoody 964-AP-G

Stoody Develops Five New Welding Wires That Address Productivity, Quality and Safety Issues

Stoody has introduced five new gas-shielded hardfacing and hardbanding wires that meet the needs of the petrochemical, aggregates, mining, construction, agriculture and field fabrication and repair industries. These FCAW and GMAW wires include:

•    Stoody 970-G, a patent-pending metal core wire that provides outstanding wear resistance and eliminates chromium in applications where hexavalent chromium in welding fumes cannot be reduced by work practice controls.
•    A nickel-based family of flux cored wires, including Stoody 625-T1, designed to weld Inconel and similar alloys used to build liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks and clad flue gas desulphurization units (FGDs). View 625-T1 video for additional details.
•    Stoody 964 AP-G, the world’s most wear-resistant, all-position, general-purpose hardfacing wire. No other all-position wire can achieve 64 Rockwell C Hardness and still produce crack-free deposits on Series 300 stainless and manganese steels. When logistics dictate hardfacing equipment in position, such as during a scheduled lubrication or maintenance check, using 964 AP-G flux cored wire increases uptime. View 964 AP-G video for additional details.
•    Stoody HB-56, an NS-1, Level 2 certified hardbanding wire is casing friendly and approved for new applications or reapplication over Stoody HB-62.  Stoody HB-56 produces a crack-free deposit with outstanding wear resistance and excellent weldability.
•    Stoody HB-62, a hardbanding wire that offers both good casing wear and open hole wear, as well as a good balance of impact and abrasion resistance. It can increase drill pipe wear life by 300%. View HB-62 video for additional details.

“Stoody continues to demonstrate that it is the world leader in hard surfacing,” says Ravi Menon, Stoody general manager. “These wires resulted from working with customers and developing electrodes that meet their mechanical requirements and appropriate standards, yet still maintain outstanding operator appeal.”


About Stoody
Since 1988, Stoody has been a member of the Victor Technologies family, working with other brands that are leaders in metal cutting and welding. Its hardfacing and high alloy joining wire and electrode products support the steel, power generation, petroleum oil and gas drilling, recycling, cement, pulp and paper, agricultural, metal casting, construction and other industries. Founded in 1921, the Stoody division employs 90 people at its on-site facilities in Bowling Green, KY and proudly states that its U.S. manufactured products are focused on helping U.S. businesses to continue to grow.