Stoody® Launches New Nickel Tungsten Carbide Hardfacing Alloys

Stoody 155FC and Stoody 160FC – engineered to protect against extreme abrasion in upstream oil and gas applications.

BOWLING GREEN, KY, November 18, 2013 - Victor TechnologiesTM announced today that it has added two new hardfacing products, Stoody 155FC and Stoody 160FC. The newly released Stoody alloys have been specifically developed for exceptional weldability and superior abrasion resistance, with weld deposits comprised of special blends of tungsten carbines in nickel-silicon-boron matrix systems.

Designed for use as an overlay, the matrix hardness for Stoody 160FC ranges from 40-50 HRC. Stoody 160FC exhibits exceptional resistance to corrosion and fine particle erosion. It is particularly well suited for upstream oil and gas production applications including:

  • Drill bit holders
  • Kicker pads
  • Stabilizers
  • Mud motors

The more ductile Stoody 155FC was specifically designed for multiple pass operations where cross checking is undesirable and to offer greater resistance to spalling. Stoody 155FC deposits were ideal when thicker buildups of nickel-silicon-boron-tungsten carbide weld deposits are desired and for use as a buffer layer for the more highly wear resistant Stoody 160FC. Stoody 155FC exhibits a matrix hardness range for 35-45 HRC. Typical applications include:

  • Process screw flight edges
  • Drill bit and stabilizer build up
  • Hardbanding (open-hole)

Both Stoody 155FC & Stoody 160FC alloys are designed for the GMAW welding process. They are applied at a much lower voltage and heat input tan conventional hardfacing alloys. This reduces teh interpass temperature and thus the level of distortion in the component. The low heat input gives these alloys a unique characteristic allowing out of position application using a slightly oscillated weave bead.


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