Stoody® Stainless Steel All Position Flux Cored Wires

For Joining Stainless Steel Alloys

Stoody Series T-1 AP Flux Cored wires are designed to weld AISI 300 series stainless steel alloys in all positions. Stoody BRILLIANT® Series stainless wire products will join all "duplex" stainless steels – including "lean" and "super" duplex alloys – in all positions.

Stoody stainless steel welding wire products use economical shielding gas mixtures – 100% CO2 or 75% Argon / 25% CO2. Offering spray-like arc transfer and easy slag removal, Stoody T-1 AP Series and BRILLIANT stainless flux-cored wires are used over a wide range of parameters, making them versatile and user-friendly.

Learn about Stoody's family of stainless steel wire products, each offering exceptional all position welding performance. For more information click on the product links below. Call us at 800-426-1888 (940-381-1212)

Series T-1 AP for 300 Series Alloys

Stoody 308L T-1 AP (for AISI 301 / 302 / 304)

Stoody 309L T-1 AP (for AISI 309)

Stoody 316L T-1 AP (for AISI 316 / 316L)

BRILLANT for Duplex Alloys

Stoody BRILLIANT 2209 T-1 AP (for "lean" duplex)

Stoody BRILLIANT 2594 T-1 AP (for 22% Cr duplex)

Stoody BRILLIANT 2101 T-1 AP (for "super" duplex)




Stoody® Nickel Based Flux Cored Welding Wires

For Joining & Cladding Nickel Based Alloys

Stoody Nickel Based Flux Cored wires are designed to weld and clad in applications where nickel based solid welding wires for GMAW and stick electrodes for SMAW of equivalent composition are commonly used. The major advantages of Stoody flux cored wires include:

  • Excellent out-of-position weldability, with higher deposition rates than can be obtained with solid wires or stick electrodes
  • User-friendly application with standard constant-voltage power sources; pulsing NOT required
  • Improved weld profiles and higher deposition rates than SMAW / GMAW when welded in flat / horizontal positions
  • Use economic shielding gas mixtures
  • Low cost

To learn more about Stoody's most popular and economically priced Nickel Based Flux Cored welding wires, click on the product links below. Call us at 800-426-1888 (940-381-1212).

Stoody Nickel Flux Cored Welding Wires

Stoody 82-T1 (0.045 inch / 1.2 mm)

Stoody C276-T1 (0.045 inch / 1.2mm)

Stoody 625-T1 (0.045 inch / 1.2 mm)