Stoody traces its origins as the leader in hardfacing and high alloys all the way back to the California oil fields of the early 20th century. Then as now, Stoody worked with oil companies and contractors to develop cutting edge products engineered specifically to address wear and corrosion so that their equipment would stay in production longer, with less downtime and reduced replacement expense. Today Stoody hardfacing and high alloy joining products can be found in service throughout the oil and gas industry - upstream, midstream, and downstream - in some of the harshest applications and environments protecting production equipment and customer profitability against the costly ravages of wear resulting from abrasion, erosion, corrosion, and heat.

In addition to the premium Stoody branded products presented here, Stoody often works with hardfacing and high alloy joining formulations engineered to deliver specific weldability and wear resistance characteristics. Contact Stoody for assistance in selecting the right hardfacing and high alloy products for your wear resistance needs. If a situation warrants a customized hardfacing solution, Stoody will be there from conceptualization through field application and beyond.