The 3-in-1 is the ONLY Welding System You Need. PERIOD.


The Thermal Arc 3-in-1 Series multi-process welding systems have changed the game in welding. A new standard for portable welding equipment delivering 3-in-1 MIG, Stick and TIG capability from one integrated portable system.

The Fabricator® 181i is a portable powerhouse designed to deliver from 10 to 180 Amps of welding output power from 230 Volts input.

The Fabricator® 252i can deliver high output, high duty cycle for light industrial welding applications.

The Fabricator® 211i offers maximum versatility, accommodating 4″, 8″ and industrial size 33 & 44 lb.12″ spools, 210 Amps of maximum output, and 115 and 208/230 VAC input power for virtually any welding environment.


Thermal Arc…THE leaders in integrated multi-process solutions.



Check Out The New Thermal Arc® Fabricator 186 AC/DC Portable AC/DC HF TIG System

The 186 AC /DC offers a complete AC/DC TIG and STICK system solution that is ready for any application. This fully featured, professional performance machine has been made easy to use. The 186 AC/DC provides higher output,higher duty cycles and is ready to perform.


  • Three Process Capability: HF TIG (GTAW), LIFT TIG (GTAW), STICK (SMAW).Users have Total Welding Flexibility
  • Excellent Portability (only 48 lbs.)
  • Professional Grade Specification with:
    • Adjustable AC Frequency
    • Adjustable Wave Balance
    • Pulse Capability
    • Smart TIG torch with Integrated Controls
    • Digital Meters
  • IP23S Rated for Outdoor Use
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Simple to Use Digital Operator Interface
  • Complete Setup Chart

High Output. High Duty Cycle. Ready to Perform.