Air-Fuel or Oxy-Fuel for Soldering and Brazing?

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TurboTorch HVAC & Plumbing Equipment Catalog


Catalog Featuring Brazing and Soldering Products

Victor Technologies publishes its latest TurboTorch® catalog, which features a slew of new products that work well for brazing and soldering. This catalog speaks directly to HVAC/R technicians and plumbers because its products are professional and designed specifically for their tasks.

The products in the catalog include mapp gas torches, extreme air acetylene equipment, various welding tip sizes and more. For more information, please download the complete catalog.


Mapp Gas Torches and More

You will find products specifically designed for use with mapp gas. TurboTorch offers a Proline Self Lighting welding tip as well as self lighting propane and map-pro kits.

If you’re looking for an extreme self lighting pro kit, then the TurboTorch PL-DLXPT Kit is for you. The kit can easily store 2 gas cylinders and has adjustable shoulder straps for maximum comfort.

This brazing and soldering kit includes:

  • Durable Tool Bag
  • Self Lighting PL-3T Tip
  • Ergonomic Torch Handle
  • STK-R Regulator
  • 12 Foot Hose
  • Hose Clamp
  • PL – 4T Tip
  • PL-812 Heat Shield
  • Viper SX Solder