Tweco® Switchable Magnetic Products Increase Efficiency And Productivity in Steel Fabrication Operations

  • Use to pick, pack and clamp steel plate and pipe.
  • Reduces material handling time, simplifies work holding, improves part alignment and enhances safety.

ST. LOUIS, November 18, 2013 — Victor Technologies has announced the release of the Tweco® Switchable Magnetic Product range that enables metal fabricators to pick, pack and clamp steel sheet, plate, tube and pipe with greater efficiency, convenience
and safety.

Tweco Switchable Magnetic Products offer innovative ways to improve material handling and work holding applications. These products can be used to lift up or pick, pack and clamp base metal in place. Tweco Switchable Magnetic products use powerful rare earth magnets where users can manually switch the magnetic field on and off with a simple twist of a knob (hence the term “switchable”).

“By incorporating Tweco Switchable Magnetic Products in their operation, fabricators can reduce material handling time, simplify work holding and improve part alignment in a safe way,” says Indy Datta, Brand Management, Victor Technologies.

Applications include those in manufacturing, steel distributors, mechanical contractors, construction, mining, railcar, ship building, oil & gas, military, automotive and light fabrication industries.

Hold, Lift and Position

The Tweco Switchable Magnetic Product line currently features five products in three categories:

  • Multi-Angle Products for work holding (welding, cutting, drilling, grinding and beveling). The SMMA 300 model weighs 1.2 lbs., features a 150-lb. magnet, a 300-amp ground connection for welding and work holding angles of 45/135, 60/120, 75/105 and 90 degrees. The SMMA 400 features a 400-lb. magnet, the same work holding angles, holds both round and flat shapes and doubles as a quick connect vise.

  • Lifter Products to pick, pack, slide and reposition steel. Ideal for dragging sheet, stacking and destacking, pulling parts out of a burn table or handling scrap. The SMLM 60 features a 60-lb. magnet and a pivot handle so operators can safely move hot, sharp or dirty steel without touching it. The SMLH 600 features a heavy-duty swivel hook to hoist steel weighing up to 200 lbs.

  • 90-degree Right Angle Product to hold flat or round parts at a 90-degree right angle, making it perfect for code work and precision welding or cutting, including automated plasma cutting. The SMRA 400 features two rails that pivot on a center point and 400-lb. magnets that can be added, repositioned and reversed for inside or outside 90-degree angles.


Tweco Switchable Magnetic Products reduce material handling time, simplify work holding and improve part alignment in steel fabrication and handling operations. Shown are the  SMLM 60 lifter with pivot handle (studio and application shot) and SMRA 400 90-degree angle.