Check out the Latest Additions to the Tweco Line Up

Tweco welding guns, power units and accessories are known for the versatility and reliability. Take a closer look at each of the featured products to see what's new in our product set.  You'll be glad you did.



Fabricator Series

The Tweco Fabricator Series, with its leading technology has changed the game and set a new standard for portable welding equipment delivering 3-in-1 MIG, STICK, and TIG capability from one integrated portable system.

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Fabricator 141i

Fabricator 181i

Fabricator 211i

Fabricator 252i

Tweco ArcMaster 401S and 401MST


The ArcMaster 401S and 401MST are lightweight for portability from job site to job site. The compact size ensures the minimum footprint in the shop where space is limited, providing a solution that is versatile, efficient, yet tough. The ArcMaster's metal design with lifting handle guarantees durability and portability in the most rugged environments.

Our upgraded ArcMaster industrial portable range is proof of our commitment to deliver quality equipment with a wealth of feature and options.

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ArcMaster 401S

ArcMaster 401MST


Tweco Fusion MIG Guns

Ideal for light to medium gauge work in auto-body, agriculture, architectural metal work,off-road vehicles, repair maintenance and general light fabrication.

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Tweco Velocity MIG Consumables

The First in a Next Generation of High Performance Patented Consumables. Innovation with Superior Performance and Value.

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Tweco Universal Conduit Liner

Reduces complexity and simplifies product offering by reducing the number of SKUs

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