EARN FREE MIG GUNS! Switch to ESAB Cored Wire & Tweco® MIG guns as a bundled package.

Save and Bundle Promotion

If you currently use competitive cored wires and guns, here’s a great reason to switch: receive free Tweco Spray Master® guns for changing over to ESAB cored wires and Tweco guns.
That’s a FREE gun for EVERY BUNDLE switched.


This change is good for your bottom line. It starts with Tweco Spray Master guns. The gas-ported Velocity™ contact tips run 30% cooler. The copper stays harder, so they last up to 8X longer or more with cored wires — that’s a bundle of savings already.

Now add in ESAB Dual Shield flux cored or ESAB Coreweld metal cored wires — known worldwide for excellent operator appeal, deposition efficiency and meeting stringent code requirements. By running ESAB wire through a Tweco gun, you’ll get unbeatable performance and lower total cost of ownership.

Act quickly! This offer ends September 30, 2015.

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Process Efficiency Solution

Optimize Performance & PRODUCTIVITY: Tweco® Spray Master® V-Series + ESAB Cored Wires

For enhanced process efficiency, combine Tweco Spray Master, one of the most widely used MIG guns in industrial welding applications, and the advanced Velocity welding consumables platform with ESAB’s industry-leading cored wires. High quality manufacturing and integrated performance delivers improved arc stability, extended tip life and higher productivity – an unbeatable system solution to lower total cost of ownership.

Tweco Spray Master V-Series Air-Cooled MIG Guns

  • Next-generation Velocity™ consumables platform
  • Velocity contact tip features shielding gas ports that keep the tip cooler
  • Extended tip life up to 8x or more - cooler tip, less abrasion due to improved surface finish of ESAB cored wire
  • Fewer consumables parts - no need for a diffuser, less complexity, lower inventory costs
  • Higher productivity with less downtime, fewer tip changes, less splatter, and less cleanup

Tweco Spray Master V-Series Air-Cooled MIG GunsDual Shield™ Flux Cored Wires

  • For more than 50 years, the industry standard for superior weld bead quality with almost no ripple, low spatter
  • Excellent welding performance in all positions
  • Deep penetration with high deposition rates; reduces weld time, increases productivity

300X Magnification of Surface Finish


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