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Alternative Fuels - Welding & Gases Today

Alternative Fuel- Welding & Gases Today


Alternative Fuels for Welding with a Gas Regulator

If you’re looking for more information on alternative fuels, then read the article, Alternative Fuels, published in Welding & Gases Today. The article was written by John Henderson a senior product manager at Victor Technologies who’s an alternative fuel expert.

The article discusses the misconceptions that surround the use of alternative fuels, such as propylene, propane and natural gas. These gases behave differently than acetylene, which is why operators need to learn the different techniques for lighting a torch as well as choosing the correct gas regulator and tip.


Switch to the Correct Victor® Welding Regulator

For optimal performance with alternative fuels, it’s necessary to switch to the most appropriate welding regulator. Moreover, the Compressed Gas Association (CGA) warns against using the same regulator with different gases.

Fortunately, Victor® offers a wide range of regulators that are compatible with alternative fuels. Victor EDGE series models make identifying a LP gas regulator easy because they’re color-coded and labeled. To purchase a Victor® welding regulator, please contact your local representative.