Tweco is the leader in MIG Guns, MIG Consumables and Manual Arc Welding accessories for your toughest welding applications. Tweco offers a broad range of products, including:

  • Air-cooled and water-cooled MIG guns
  • MIG consumables
  • Robotic MIG guns and peripherals
  • Manual Arc Welding accessories

For exceptional performance, superior durability and exceptional ease of use, trust Tweco – the industry standard for over 40 years.

Thermal Arc is a global leader in arc welding and plasma welding equipment, designed to tackle your toughest welding applications. Thermal Arc offers a broad range of products, including:

  • Light to medium duty MIG welders
  • Stick welders
  • DC & AC/DC TIG Welders
  • Multi-process welders, including pulse and synergic
  • Plasma welding systems

Thermal Arc is renowned for compact and powerful inverter technology lines for industrial Stick, TIG and MIG welding. Thermal Arc also offers the latest cutting edge technology in synergic MIG welding and plasma welding.